Banco de Fomento Internacional, S.A. (BFI) was established in 2002 and has its head office in Cidade da Praia, on the Island of Santiago(Cape Verde). BFI is an investment bank that, through a differentiated and professional approach, provides to each client a broad range of high standard quality products and services.

Although specialized in Portuguese-speaking clients, BFI operates with a particular focus on the following markets: Sub-Saharan Africa, Iberia, Brazil and China (Macau). The strategy followed by BFI consists mainly on developing cross-border business in the triangle of Angola, Iberia and Brazil.

Given the significant improvements on Sub-Saharan Africa economy, and the exponential increase in the quality of life existing in the region, there is a huge market to explore and tremendous business opportunities to fulfil.

BFI is already registered with GIIN (Global Intermediary Identification Number), under the scope of the FATCA process. While GIIN is just a small part of the overall FATCA compliance, this unique identifier forms the cornerstone in identifying certain entities of and in the US.

BFI is particularly well positioned to serve its clients’ needs, through a blend of experienced, dedicated relationship technical staff, local presence and extensive network, making BFI a premier choice for governments, high local influential businessmen and high net-worth individuals.

With BFI you’ll have access to a set of differentiated markets and its experience and knowledge of each local reality. BFI has therefore established long-term relationships with its clients, offering them comprehensive, high quality, innovative and customized services.

Core principles


The core principles governing our policies are essentially three:

  • Trust: because our management policy is and should always be based on prudence and competence. Whether this concerns the management of our clients’ assets or of our equity, this core value remains the same.

  • Integrity: we believe that transparency must be at the heart of all our actions. Our professionals and shareholders are guided by the highest of standards, based on personal integrity and strictly complying with the rules of our profession.

  • Responsibility: because we attach as much importance to achieving our strategic goals as we do to preserving the long-term interest of our stakeholders.



BFI clientele is grouped into three segments:

  • Private
  • Institutional Entities
  • Financial Institutions

Private clients are high net-worth individuals, i.e. able to place assets under management in excess of 1,000,000 USD.



BFI pursues a policy of establishing strategic partnerships with top-level Financial Institutions, with the aim of providing its clients with an extensive portfolio of services.

The Bank works in partnership with professional advisers, thus seeking to provide the best banking, tax and financial consulting services, legal advisers and trustees.

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