Banco de Fomento Internacional S.A. takes the security of its Clients very seriously; to this end, we use a full range of security standards and procedures and continuous monitoring, and have a specialised team responsible for finding the best solutions, at any given time, taking into account best international practices.

Moreover, and with a view to ensuring that you are aware and take appropriate protective measures, BFI outlines some "Security Hints and Tips" to keep its Clients safe when using the Internet and Online Banking Services, that should be always borne in mind:

 Always keep you operating system and your browser(s) updated.

 Make sure to have your computer safe with anti-virus and anti-spyware and keep them updated.

 Do not disable your computer firewall, or secure your computer with firewall software protection.

 Never provide your personal and/or confidential data without being sure that you are on a secure site.

 Check and validate the Security Certificate of the website you are browsing.

 Never click on any links you receive by email, without confirming whether the link address matches the sender’s address.

 Do not open or run files or attachments from an unexpected or unsolicited email. Even email messages sent by your acquaintances may contain dangerous files or attachments.

 Never disclose personal and/or confidential data as a reply to requests sent by email.

 Do not use PIN's, passwords or login credentials that can be easily guessed.

 Change your PIN’s, passwords or login credentials regularly.

 Do not access Online Banking Services or any other websites through:

  •  Addresses stored as bookmarks and/or browsing history;
  •  Links in emails messages;
  •  Search engine results;
  •  Check your bank statements regularly.

 When making a payment, always check whether the account number and codes entered are correct.

 Never leave your computer logged on in your online banking account and always log out of your online banking session when you have finished, particularly in public places such as internet cafés.

 Distrust all unexpected and suspicious pop-up windows that appear during your online banking session.

 Banco de Fomento Internacional S.A. (BFI) recalls that the BFI bank site must be accessed by entering the user’s full name directly into your browser’s address bar. Access to online banking services by these pathways increases the risk of coming across bogus or fake pages, which are aimed at phishing personal and banking information for subsequent fraudulent use (login credentials, personal data, confirmation of bank details or information on your mobile).

 Stop and think about the process you normally use to access your online banking services and suspect if the page differs from the one you used the last time you accessed your online banking account.

Always suspect any request for further information in addition to the information referred to above, even if it seems to be an email from BFI or a BFI page, or if you notice that the page has a different format than usual.

Banco de Fomento Internacional S.A. will never ask its clients for their passwords to access the site or platforms.

If you are ever suspicious of any information received, please contact Banco de Fomento Internacional S.A.

If in doubt, do not provide any information and call our services immediately on +238 260 40 90.

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