Our professional staff

Your private banker is your sole and exclusive contact partner.

Your private banker is and will always be your dedicated point of contact within the bank for all matters concerning your money and its safety.

Your private banker lies at the heart of this tailored service, and will be responsible for informing and advising you, and for carrying out all operations and transactions requested on your behalf.


For specific situations you can rely on specialized dedicated teams.

Your private banker will not be working alone; he’ll work closely with the various teams in a variety of financial expertise with a view to dealing with specific situations and other areas, and to support you in meeting your particular demands and ambitions.

Together with your dedicated private banker, you’ll develop a professional relationship and work closely in drawing up and creating a wealth-structuring plan designed to meet your goals.

In each case and for each situation, your Private Banker will search for the specialist team best equipped to meet your particular demands and needs.

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