What sets us apart


Strength, consistency, reliability, protection and respect are the building blocks of how we operate, and the same holds true for responsibility, accountability and sustainability, which are the goals that have kept us as pioneers in turning the complexity of today’s markets into practical and innovative ideas.

To this end, BFI has developed and set up a commitment approach built around its clients:


The solutions provided and developed by BFI are bespoke and global in scope: an ‘open architecture’ approach. Our philosophy involves a screening and selection process of the best available options in the market. Our clients appreciate and value the fact that BFI has been able to preserve its status as an independent entity.


We seek to foster a close relationship with our clients, based on trust and professionalism. Our capabilities in portfolio management and investment strategy will help you reach your financial goals and achieve the most rewarding outcome to you.


The complexity of the financial markets is converted into innovative and practical ideas. The breadth of acquired knowledge and know-how enables BFI to incorporate our local expertise of each market into our products and services. The nature of the operations conducted and their high level of professionalism is vast and impressive.


Having Cape Verde as a launching pad, BFI provides the partnership and insight its clients need to take advantage of investments opportunities in a variety of markets, tailored precisely to their risk profile.

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