Asset Management

BFI provides specialized services for the implementation of Asset Management strategies from a Risk/Return perspective, specifically and individually tailored to match the client's risk profile

The Asset Management team offers you a service based on designing and launching innovative products, whilst anticipating market needs by means of a focused management of assets geared towards individuals and institutions. Our goal is to offer a sublime investment proposal that can deliver the greatest possible value for you.

Our investment experts travel to you, wherever you are or whatever your country of residence is, to help preserve and increase your wealth, property or assets, offering traditional and alternative investments, and providing strategies covering the full spectrum of asset classes.

At BFI you can find two distinct areas of expertise in Asset Management:

Asset Management


Leveraging on its broad experience, with a proven track record in a wide and diversified range of assets and in differentiated markets, BFI has a team that understands the market and draws on its know-how and expertise in Asset Management to deliver optimal results, minimize losses and cut return-on-investment time.

BFI, through its network of partners, provides access to a broad range of instruments, markets and products, taking an active part in the selection process and validating their suitability:

  • BFI can act as a simple intermediary of your instructions, carrying out your orders according to your specific requests. This solution might be best suited to a more active and informed investor..
  • BFI may screen and select a range of products and services deemed more suitable to your profile, putting forward several proposals for portfolio allocation. The final decision shall always be yours to take.
  • BFI may also take over the discretionary management of a particular asset, taking into account a set of parameters defined by you, such as liquidity, risk, currency and market.

Wealth Management


At BFI we work closely with high net worth individuals and families in order to develop Wealth Management and investment strategies.

It is through a careful selection of investment opportunities that BFI undertakes to help you achieve your goals.

BFI takes great pride in relying on highly effective asset managers. This means we have an in-depth knowledge, an enduring and unwavering commitment and a keen sense of appreciation of the issues you may have to tackle with in the long-term in managing your wealth.

Why do you need a Wealth Management service?

  • Because is it essential that your investment and management decisions are guided by professional experts, who are able to provide impartial advice and who will always be focused on finding the solutions that represent your interests.

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