Corporate Finance

A reliable, trusted partner for the most important decisions of your organization.

BFI, either directly or in co-operation with its network of qualified partners, is able to assist in the design and/or implementation of specific investment and financing solutions, project planning or sophisticated financial structures, designed to mitigate or reduce the several risks to which the client is exposed.

With a focus on maximizing business value, we provide companies with a wide range of financial advisory services, while offering the highest quality standards, structured to provide you with a swift and convenient access to accommodate the solutions you want.

Our global network means we can support you virtually anywhere in the world. With our firm commitment to developing new, innovative and safe solutions, we are able to streamline operations and reduce costs and risks.

Whether you are looking to expand your business by acquisitions or dispose of your company, the experts at BFI Corporate Finance have the solutions to help maximize shareholder value. With a number of consulting projects successfully concluded, the Bank’s team has accumulated significant knowledge in a broad range of businesses in a wide variety of industries.


Debt Restructuring


Mergers, acquisitions and disposals


Initial public offerings

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