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In order to be a client of BFI, please submit this form and our services will contact you, forwarding all the forms required and answering all your queries and questions.


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Once the formal process and due diligence procedures have been completed, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the privileges and services offered to BFI’s clients. Our staff will meet with you and, according to your profile and expectations, will recommend the best solutions on the market.

BFI staff travels regularly to the client’s country of residence, which makes arranging personal meetings more easily, aimed at a fully customized and personalized follow-up, and above all for you to get to know the face of your Bank.

It should be noted that BFI complies with a strict due diligence process for selecting and accepting its clients.

All requested information must be processed in our head-office. The mere receipt of forms and relevant elements does not constitute any acceptance, either tacit or explicit, of an account opening. All information provided may be subject to a verification process by any means which BFI deems appropriate.

BFI follows all proper procedures to clearly identify the beneficiaries of the assets, in line with the recommendations of FATF/GAFI and the regulations in force. It is not possible to open and maintain any account or manage funds and assets without clearly identifying the beneficiary’s wealth and the source of funds.

It is not possible to open an account without a face-to-face contact with the client, in particular exclusively via the Internet or using other remote communication media.

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